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This is community devoted to graphics featuring metal artists.

{x} All graphics are allowed, not just icons (e.g., colorbars, banners, etc.)
{x} When posting more than three icons or large graphics, please use a lj cut.
{x} Constructive criticism is encouraged. Flaming and abusing others are not!
{x} Please credit all graphics you take.

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abigor, ablaze my sorrow, aborted, aesma daeva, after forever, agalloch, agathodaimon, alice in chains, amon amarth, amorphis, anathema, anthrax, arcana, arch enemy, ashes you leave, at the gates, autumn tears, avrigus, bathory, battlelore, behemoth, beseech, black metal, blind guardian, bloodbath, borknagar, burzum, candlemass, cannibal corpse, celtic frost, chalice, children of bodom, cradle of filth, cryptopsy, danzig, dargaard, dark tranquility, darkthrone, darkwell, death, death metal, devil doll, dimmu borgir, doom metal, draconian, dream theater, dreams of sanity, edenbridge, einherjer, elend, elis, em sinfonia, emperor, empyrium, enslavement of beauty, entombed, entwine, ephemeral sun, epica, estatic fear, even vast, evergrey, evoken, exhumed, falconer, finntroll, for my pain, forest of shadows, forever slave, gorgoroth, gothic metal, graveworm, green carnation, hate eternal, heavy metal, hecate enthroned, helloween, how like a winter, iced earth, immortal, in flames, industrial metal, iron maiden, judas priest, korpiklaani, kovenant, kreator, lacrimas profundere, lacuna coil, leaves' eyes, macbeth, manowar, marduk, mayhem, megadeth, melodic black metal, melodic death metal, melodic metal, meshuggah, metal, moonsorrow, moonspell, morbid angel, my dying bride, mystic forest, naglfar, napalm death, nevermore, nightwish, novembers doom, old man's child, opeth, pandemonium, pantera, paradise lost, power metal, progressive death metal, progressive metal, rain fell within, rhapsody, shape of despair, silentium, sinergy, sirenia, slayer, sonata arctica, speed metal, strapping young lad, sunn o))), symphonic black metal, symphonic metal, testament, the crown, the elysian fields, theatre of tragedy, therion, thrash metal, trail of tears, tristania, type o negative, until death overtakes me, venom, viking metal, vintersorg, virgin black, vital remains, wintersun, withered earth, within temptation, xandria